A Workshop on LCA: Launching Work Package 3 activities of SUBLIME project


On January 24, 2024, the kick-off workshop for the initiation of work package 3 was conducted at the University of Leiden. The workshop featured presentations by key contributors, including Arnold Tukker, the leader of work package 3, PhD candidates Faysal Tareq and Laura Bremenkamp, Bouwen met Staal (BmS), Madaster, and the Municipality of Amsterdam. The session concluded with a comprehensive discussion among the participants.

A crucial point of focus during the workshop was the discussion on the scope of the activities undertaken by the two respective PhD candidates. This led to an engaging dialogue on the scale of their endeavors, considering local, national, EU-wide, or global perspectives. Within this context, the role of case studies was jointly examined. Particularly challenging will be the positioning of Laura’s efforts within the jurisdiction of policy and governance for major steel infrastructures. However, insights from industrial partners present at the workshop shed light on what is pertinent in the Dutch steel infrastructure landscape. These partners also shared information on the broader economic structures related to supply and demand within the Dutch steel sector.

For Laura, an additional consideration is the specification of the exact types of steel networks to be analyzed, making the specific scope clearer and the task more manageable. Industry partners extended their assistance to both PhD candidates. 

The Municipality of Amsterdam delivered an insightful presentation on potential candidates for case studies in the project. Recognizing the importance of case study selection, especially for Laura, it was collectively agreed that the next step would involve relevant industry partners (Province of South Holland, North Sea Port, Municipality of Amsterdam, and Rijkswaterstaat) providing their top 3 candidates. This approach allows Laura to proceed with scanning and advancing her data collection efforts, aimed at mapping the relational networks influencing the Dutch steel landscape.               

"I found great delight in participating in this workshop. It provided valuable insights from both industry and academic partners, shedding light on the contents and scope of work package three. I particularly appreciated the advancements made in the selection of the case study, a crucial step for the further progression of my research".

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