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Project started on May 1, 2023

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User Committee meetingHost: ARUP, Janwillem BreiderLocation: Naritaweg 118, 1043CA Amsterdam, 3rd floor 1711098000 22nd March 2024
TEKNOWLOGY – NWO Innovation FestivalLocation: DE FABRIQUE (Utrecht)1719306000 25th June 2024


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Annual physical meeting with NWO representative present, duration the whole day, hosted by an industrial company

Physical, hybrid or online meeting, 2-3 times per year to discuss the progress of selected Work Packages, Use cases or other activities

A day of collaborative work in one location for researchers (only for researchers, every Wednesday, location TNO)                                                                                                                         

Informal meetings at industrial premises to establish a closer link between academia and industry (every first Monday of the month)

M2i clusters are networks that unite academic partners and industrial companies in the Netherlands working on related topics. They are part of the wide project dissemination activities. Cluster meetings are organized twice a year.

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